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3 Advanced Promotional Techniques for Print-on-Demand Merchandisers

Print-on-demand is a competitive game. So the only way to get ahead is to have a competitive advantage.

It’s no longer enough to simply promote your brand using typical methods. With more and more customers becoming blind to traditional advertising, it’s never been more important to differentiate yourself when it comes to promotional techniques.

In this guide, we let you in on a couple of advanced promotional techniques that you may not have heard of. We also break them down step-by-step so you can instantly implement them into your marketing strategy and start promoting your print-on-demand merchandise with confidence!

The guide covers:

  • Outreach & Link-Building
  • Hitchhiking on Current Trends
  • Facebook Tips
  • Instagram Tips
  • Retargeting Customers
  • Creating a Lookalike Audience

It’s 27 pages long, beautifully designed and includes amazing advanced promotional techniques you may have never heard of before that can help you grow your print-on-demand business.