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19 Jun 2018

Top 10 strategies for successfully selling print-on-demand merchandise on Shopify

Do you want to be successful in selling print-on-demand merchandise on Shopify?

We live in the age of digital opportunity! Print-on-demand has given all of us a platform to create thriving, low-risk, low-maintenance online businesses – and Shopify is the eCommerce engine that keeps those wheels turning. This infographic lays out 10 simple strategies for successfully selling print-on-demand merchandise on Shopify….

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01 Source & Use Customer Photos in your marketing
02 Time-Sensitive Discount Codes
03 Get Creative with Your Product Photography
04 Use all Available Sales Channels
05 Invest in (SMART!) Paid Advertising
06 Always Remember your Customer Service Responsibilities
07 Grow your Email List By Going Further
08 Write Compelling, Unique Product Descriptions
09 Set up an abandoned cart sequence
10 Invest time and effort in your theme

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