How it all started

KITE is a e-commerce platform specialising in personalised print with a core focus on creating and increasing revenue for app developers and businesses. KITE has established a proven track record within m-commerce and the digital print space - engaging with thousands of consumers and securing business partnerships with leading creative digital brands.

KITE’s co-founders Charlie Carpenter, Fionn Concannon and Deon Botha initially met at one of Europe’s leading mobile app agencies. With over 20 years collective experience in the mobile industry working with blue-chip brands, they spotted trends within the ever-evolving mobile space.

By 2013, the smartphone boom was in full flow, and smartphone photography had evolved. Online content was increasingly dominated by digitally enhanced photographs, with filters and special effects from “traditional” social media channels, as well as a multitude of photography focused apps. The new smartphones created budding photographers the world over, with images not only destined for a digital life.

Recognising both the growth of smartphone photography and, importantly, the capabilities and changing consumer attitudes towards purchasing via mobiles and tablets – the team spotted an opportunity to create a “print focused service” within the mobile space.

In 2013 the team raised funding from New York Venture Capitalists, Black Ocean Group and established a new company, KITE in London. Initially they focused on creating the company’s first MVP, Ps Postcards; an app that allowed users to send photos as postcards. The positive market response validated the demand for personalised photo printed products. Growing rapidly, the team rebranded the app to HuggleUp and added a variety of other print products.

With HuggleUp providing a growing revenue stream, the co-founders looked to evolve the HuggleUp offer into a B2B platform, that would allow developers and businesses to include print capabilities as part of their offer, and crucially, their revenue streams.


Tom Drake, joined the team to head up platform development and by July 2014 the KITE platform was officially launched, enabling developers and businesses embed personalised print stores in to their apps and websites.

KITE’s core USP is the intelligence platform that offers partners advanced data insights about their users to drive their e-commerce in-app store. Customer insight is utilised to boost conversion rates, engagement and retention and overall the Lifetime Value of customers. KITE offers best in class SDKs across mobile, tablet and web, using unique algorithms to maximum returns for businesses.

As part of the KITE offer, a global product fulfilment and distribution network has been established, providing a white label service for clients across a wide portfolio of products.

Looking ahead, the KITE team is focused on innovating within the digital to physical space, making it easier than ever to offer global fulfilment services to anyone. Data insight will continue to take centre stage to ensure that the technology remains the most innovative in its class, drive automated customer engagement and be the most profitable option for developers and businesses.

Mobile Apps

Apps powered by the KITE platform.

HuggleUp icon


Launched in February 2014, HuggleUp enables users to import Instagram, Facebook and camera roll photos to create high-quality personalised products and gifts, ranging from stylish square prints through to luxury framed prints - all within the HuggleUp app.

The HuggleUp culture encourages users to cherish their favourite photos, free them from their smartphone and enhance their home with beautiful photo products.

The HuggleUp app has been recognised for its clear and concise user interface and excellent user experience. It has received over 95,000 downloads since launch.

PosterUp Icon


Launched in December 2014, the PosterUp app enables users to import Instagram, Facebook and camera roll photos to create beautiful posters - all within the PosterUp app.

PosterUp’s unique creative and contemporary poster layouts allow users to display multiple photos in just one poster. Since launch, PosterUp has been praised by customers for its simplicity of use and high quality results.