Lenovo Smart Storage


Like it? Print it. Through online photo printing service Kite.ly, Lenovo Smart Storage lets you order your favourite prints directly and easily from the Lenovo Smart App. Just click on your favourite photos and select from over 250 print options from enlargements to personalised greeting cards and more.


Polaroid Print Store Mobile App

Create packs of classically styled Polaroid Prints, directly from your iPhone, with the official Polaroid Print Store app. The only app where you can create packs of Polaroid Prints using photos from your iPhone, Instagram or Facebook.


PicCollage has everything you need to create amazing collages. Boasting a community of over 110 million users, It's the perfect way to party with your photos! 


"It's been a pleasure working with Kite to provide a seamless print solution to our millions of creators on PicCollage. Their platform and support have made our entry into the physical product market so easy and fun!"

Ching-Mei Chen - PicCollage

(Co-Founder, Head of Product)